Monday, July 18, 2011

Bracelet Making

I know friendship bracelets are a big trend this season, noted on many style blogs. But I couldn't help myself - I had to buy this little book at the Japanese book store.

It was just too cute to pass up. I've been knotting bracelets since I was a kid but the knotting method and designs in this book were new to me. Thankfully there are lots of detailed photos. I can't wait to start making some new bracelets!


  1. Did you see this post? I almost got suckered back in.

  2. That book looks great! I've been looking online for a way to do horizontal lines like that but haven't found any. What's the name of the store you bought it at?

  3. The horizontal lines caught my attention too. The bookstore is called Kinokuniya. It's right off Bryant Park. Here's the Yelp listing:

    Definitely worth a trip!

  4. That book looks amazing! I'm definitely going to look this up!