Sunday, April 29, 2012


My first seamed sweater is complete .. and it fits!

I'm so pleased with how this sweater came out. It's warm and roomy enough for a shirt underneath. I used the dimensions of a favorite sweater as a guide and I think that was the biggest help. The one change I made was with the neckline. The pattern instructions have you do a purl round, then knit to create a sort of lining. I found the lining to be bunchy and really thick. When I put the sweater on,  I felt like I was being choked. I ripped all of that out and just did a regular bind off. It doesn't look as clean as the knit lining version but it is significantly thinner and more flexible. I don't think anyone will really notice anyway.

In other news, the blanket is almost done - I just need to decide on a contrast color. I really wish Cascade's Magnum came in neon colors. I think the cream would look awesome with a neon yellow border.  I'm loving the neon yellow trim I've worked into my Flint mittens. I think it looks so awesome. This picture doesn't do it justice -

I can't wait to see the progression of the cables. These mittens are a really fun knit and I think they will be a great travel project for some small trips we have coming up. 
All of this beautiful wool ... is it crazy that I've already started dreaming about this year's Rhinebeck?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Living Room Makeover

It's pretty much complete - the living room makeover! We picked up a few more items and hung the curtains yesterday. Like all home projects, I feel it's a work in progress. For now though, I think it's great! Here are a few before and afters.

Walking into the apartment before and seeing the chaos was making me crazy. The snowflakes were leftover from a photo shoot, the folding table was always stacked with junk and the wardrobe, although covered, still stuck out and looked awful. The new table we added makes for a nice dinner table or game table when we have friends over. We closed up the previous table and decorated it with family photos and a new lamp, which was desperately needed. I love it now!



We needed to partition an area for Adam to have some space. The previous "wall" was ugly and those book cases felt like they might fall over at any minute. The new "wall" is much nicer and holds more stuff. It's shorter which is kind of a bummer but I think we'll slowly fill out the top with more plants (possibly some hanging ones!).



And then we have the corner with the tv. Once we brought in the extra table that is attached to the bookcases we needed to angle the television so it could be seen by those on the couch and at the table. I think it looks so much cleaner and open. I also love our new printed drapes and decorative little canister.



Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Shadow sweater is officially blocking! I now feel like it's actually close to being finished. Hopefully everything will be fully dry by tonight. The blocking really made the yarn soft, the pieces feel like a nice soft fabric now.

I've been stumped for the last couple of weeks thinking about what to knit next. Which is crazy because I usually have several projects in mind that I'm eager to start. Although I have a generous stash at home, all I could think to do was run to the yarn shop and buy a ton of pretty pastel cotton and start up another sweater. Thankfully, I stayed sane.  After I had the Shadow sweater laid out to dry, I dumped my entire stash on the floor and went onto Ravelry. After perusing for hours but still not finding anything, I consulted Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitter's Almanac. For April, she made a blanket and for May, mittens for next winter. I looked at my stash and voila - found my next two projects.

A quick Ravelry search brought up the Eleventh Hour Blanket from Purl Bee:

And, already sitting in my favorites, the Flint Mittens from Brooklyn Tweed:

I cast on the blanket immediately and sank into the couch for last two hours of 'The Ten Commandments' (love that movie!). It's knitting up quickly and is super lush. I'll only have to pop into the yarn shop for a contrast color.

I also got my mitten yarns and needles in order so I can start today. I found a beautiful natural, oatmeal colored yarn that I bought at Rhinebeck last October. I also found a skein of neon yarn that my sister-in-law left here. I don't think she'll miss the little bit I'll need for the trim. Fun!