Friday, November 4, 2011

Winter Hat Debate

Looking through my stash of winter knits I've come to realize that I have tons of scarves, fingerless mitts and gloves but only a couple knit hats.  
The one knit hat that has been in heavy rotation is a beloved one but it's lacy and made of mostly cotton. Not ideal once the weather really starts to get chilly. I want to knit another slouchy-ish hat (something that won't give me a bad case of hat head) so I've been researching Ravelry and found some good contenders:

Cabled Beret

Garbo's Turban
Trinity Stitch Hat
 The hardest part now is just making a decision!


  1. Ooh love the first and fourth patterns. Haven't seen them before!

  2. I think Rosebud would look cute on you.