Saturday, May 19, 2012

Ikat Scout

I'm excited to add a new blouse to the closet! 

Spring weather & sun make me want to sew and the conditions proved just right this weekend. Today I made Grainline's Scout Woven Tee. I had this beautiful cotton ikat in the stash and it was begging to be a blouse. Feeling ambitious I also went ahead with a pattern adjustment - adding a full back - following Grainline's awesome tutorial

I love this pattern and am sure I'll be making more blouses with it in the future (and perhaps a dress?). I should also mention that I used Grainline's flat bias neckline tutorial and it worked like a charm. Next weekend (long weekend, woo hoo!) I'll be sewing up a dress I've got cut and ready to go. Gosh, I love sewing!


  1. SO cute, it looks amazing in this fabric!!!!

  2. Beautiful--I spent yesterday sewing too (I forgot how much i enjoy its) and that's exactly how i would finish a simple neck line, too. I use bias tape (or self bias stripes) all the time for neat finishes. You can finish the back of collar (on say a camp shirt) the same way--faster, neater and easier than hand sewing as the pattern suggests.