Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Knitting Update

The Flint mittens I had started back in April are finally finished! They were so easy and so rewarding to knit. I absolutely love them. I think the cable going up the thumb is my favorite part (after the neon trim, of course). I really love these Brooklyn Tweed patterns though. Speaking of which ...

During my recent trip (read: splurge) to Purl Soho, I picked up some Brooklyn Tweed Loft yarn. They have a great selection and the colors are all beautiful. It took a while for me to decide. So many choices can be debilitating. In the end I went with my favorite go-to color ... grey (Loft color equivalent: Snowbound). Surprise, surprise.

I can't wait to get these wound and ready to go.

What to make is the next question. Brooklyn Tweed just debuted Wool People 3 and I am so into all of it. As usual. I love thoroughly reading those Look Books. So beautiful. Even the pattern diagrams! Wool People 3 aside, I'm still pretty smitten with the Spring Thaw patterns.

Right now, my top three project contenders are:

Image: Brooklyn Tweed

Image: Brooklyn Tweed

And the Auden Sweater:
Image: Brooklyn Tweed

I'm not sure if I'm in the mood for another sweater, however this one is knit in the round which means easy and relatively quick. It will also give me a second sweater option for Rhinebeck (woo woo!). I'm leaning a bit towards the loop scarf though since I will be able to wear it immediately (in my freezing cold office). Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome!

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