Friday, September 23, 2011


It's foggy, muggy and pouring rain.

I've cut and prepared pattern pieces for a new tunic/dress. I'm psyched to sew. I sit down at the machine, get one line of stitching in when the machine breaks down. And by break down, I mean horrible clanking, motor churning, needle not moving break down. This is especially heart breaking because this machine was my mothers, purchased when I was born. This machine has made home decor for several homes, cabbage patch kids' clothing, prom dresses and was handed down to me with love. I should also mention that it's made of cast iron and weighs 100 pounds* not exactly something I can pack up and take across town for a check up.

So I'm now forced to start looking for a new machine. This kind of research can take time so I'm thinking I will get something small and simple to tide me over in the meantime (this dress NEEDS to be finished!!!). But if anyone has any suggestions for a serious, quality machine for sewing clothing - please let me know! I would love a springboard for my research.

I think I will now spend the rest of this dark and rainy day sorting through my new Vermont yarns. This year I'm in the mood to knit gifts so I purchased colors that I know my family will like. Time to go spend some time on Ravelry ... I need to get my mind off the sewing machine.

*may be an exaggeration but not by much ...


  1. Ahh so sorry to hear about your machine, that is so sad! Of course it happened in the middle of a project you really want to make. I've got a bernina that is pretty great. Good luck in your sewing machine search!

  2. You need to talk to Rena! I think she has a sewing machine fixing guy. Or, she'd have recommendations for a new one.

  3. Oh, I'm sorry! I second Ryan's comment. I think Rena can help you.

  4. Thanks Jen! I peeked at some Bernina's today and they look awesome. I need to go test drive one!

    Ryan & Liz - I will DEFINITELY contact Rena before I ship this monster back to my mother (neither of us can imagine ever parting with this machine).