Sunday, April 17, 2011


I have handbags on the brain. Maybe it's the change in season, maybe I'm just looking for an excuse! Either way, below are the top three bags that are creating a lust in my gut, making me want to immediately reach for the wallet.

First - the canvas/leather bucket tote from Land's End Canvas. I love canvas bags in the spring/summer and the brown leather is a nice detail. I also love that it has handles AND a cross-body strap.

Second - Boston designer renneslechateau is now making 12" sized wallet/clutches which I am in love with, especially the sandy camel color. I think this could be perfect carried alone or tucked into one of my larger tote bags.

Third - Molly's Sketchbook over on the Purl Bee has posted a 'make it yourself' braided handle tote bag that is pretty darn cute (and made of canvas!). I'm not that wild about the teardrop shape but, if you're making this yourself, that is easily remedied!

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