Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Spring Reina Sweater

I fell in love with Steven Alan's Spring Reina Sweater the moment I saw it -
 And quickly decided I could knit something similar! I decided to first consult Elizabeth Zimmermann and have adapted her seamless, bottom-up construction for this adventure. The yarn is a cotton/linen blend which should provide a good drape while being light enough for 2-3 seasons. I've got the majority of the body done and am now working on the sleeves.
I think it's coming together pretty well!

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  1. You can drop a stitch and do a phony seam up the middle, too--joining the split bottom rib with the splip neck band--(the photo of sweater has some sort of center front 'seam' element.
    (EZ has instructions for that, too!