Saturday, May 28, 2011

Husband Hearts Homemade Socks

I've very lucky to have a husband who knits and appreciates hand knit items. He loves bright, funky socks and I've just completed a new pair for him. They were made to his specifications - low, ankle socks with a ribbed pattern to hug his feet.

They were made with the brightest yarn in my stash, a skein from Creatively Dyed, purchased at the New York Sheep & Wool festival two years ago.

 And this is him savoring the comfort and foot hugging goodness of his freshly knit socks. I can't wait till he puts his orange shoes on. Ha ha!


  1. One knitter i know (well, know in cyberspace) has a husband who so loves hand knit socks, he is willing to wear ones with lace and multi color hand paints--with blue, violet and pink in the mix. (as well he should! hand knit sock are a wonderful gift!)

    Traditionally, men matched their socks to their ties (colorful sock were once NORMAL for men) --Have you seen Nicky Epstein's link to hand knit ties? how about a matching tie?

  2. That second picture is awesome! So are the socks. ;-)