Sunday, May 22, 2011

Apartment Envy

I just stumbled upon a photo montage of designer Erin Fetherston's home on and am having serious apartment envy. These are my favorite photos but there are many more on the website. I love the blue and cream colors, the sheep as side table and the candles placed in the bottom of large glass vases ...


  1. some of the stuff is replicabile--if you don't want to repaint white walls, --think about getting soft dusty blue panel curtains

    --and you can often find big arty vases cheap at thrift stores. (candles, not so much...)

    there is no way to fake the 12 ceiling, or 40 foot living/dining room space.. could knit a rag rug--photo 1
    (there are tutorials out there for knitting from old t-shirts--It would take a heap (or maybe not--if your space is smaller a smaller area rug would be fine!)--time and effort are required--but not too much $.

  2. The sheep is my favorite :-)