Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Herringbone Cowl

I'm very late blogging about this project. I bought the yarn over the summer while on a knit crawl with the girls. I absolutely fell in love with it when I saw the sample at Purl Soho. Here's the pattern - Big Herringbone Cowl.

This pattern was, for me, absolute torture. I casted-on and frogged FOUR times before finally getting going. No small feat considering the cast on is over 200 stitches. I ended up buying new needles which definitely helped. I recommend using the sharpest needles you can find in wood or bamboo. You need grip! Plastic, which I started with, was hell.

 I took this project on a trip home in September thinking it would be a great project for plane travel. I made great progress on the plane - a solid 5 inches - but just as we're about to land, I realize I made an error in the pattern 3 INCHES AGO. Once I finally got home, surrounded by family, I frogged it AGAIN. 

Apparently, for me, five is the charm. With new determination to finally finish this cursed project, I powered through. I had such trouble keeping tension with this pattern. All the slipped stitches in combination with large needles was just challenging for me. A good blocking definitely helped even things out and the final object does look pretty nice. But I will never make another one of these. Ever.


  1. Hahaha I love your knitting description, I've often wondered if I was the only person who didn't blissfully knit through every project! The final scarf looks amazing, definitely worth all the work. Did you use the Blue Sky Alpacas yarn for it? I can't decide if I should splurge or not when I make mine.

  2. Thank you! I splurged and bought the Blue Sky Alpacas (Hand Dyed Worsted) yarn. It's a beautiful yarn - very soft, very cuddly and very warm! And definitely not cheap, ha ha. I heard someone say they were going to make this cowl out of Knit Picks Biggo, which I think might be cool. I hear it's a pretty cuddly yarn.

    I look forward to seeing your cowl!