Saturday, March 3, 2012

Where You Been?

It appears my last post was over a month ago. Yikes! There's been a lot of change recently which has kept me away. I started a new job at the end of January which has been incredibly exciting but also means I haven't had a lot of time for projects, most notably my January sweater. I'm still on sleeve #1 and (fingers crossed) will finish it before the weekend is over.

The other half of my focus has been on our apartment. I decided that this is the year that we get our apartment in order. No more college furniture. This new passion for furniture and interiors is totally the fault of pinterest. I'm on there (momillco) should you like to follow me. 

So the first room to get a makeover is our living room & foyer. With my sister-in-law's help, we outlined a shopping list and went to Ikea. Here's what we got:

New bookcases to replace our old, beaten down set. We bought two of these bad boys which helps cut our room so the husband can have some 'man space'.

And since we like to play games when people come over we also got the table attachment. This piece is getting a ton of use and helps cut down the number of times we eat at the coffee table, ha ha.

To hide all of the stuff in those little cubbies, we bought a TON of white boxes. I think these are my favorite. I will probably go back to get more ...

And then to cut all that white, we bought some green. I'm so happy Ikea has plants that are okay for low light rooms. I love having plants. We bought three of these guys although I really wanted to also get a tree, like a ficus. I didn't win the tree battle.

There's still so much to take care of - we need some window treatments, a coffee table and a rug for the foyer. I also need to get busy getting rid of some excess furniture. If you're in the BK area and want a killer, solid wood, corner desk. Let me know! More regular posts and, hopefully, more project to share moving forward.


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